Backsplash Medallions

Hmm, what makes backsplash medallions different from a backsplash mural? The answer is very easy, it's simply the shape of the design. The mural is rectangular or square while the medallion is circular. But a medallion can also be a square shape with a circular design in the center.

Medallions can be very complex, but not to worry most of the designs come pre-assembled and attached to matting to make the installation a breeze. Simply apply your mastic, or thinset, and set your medallion into it, after laying out where you want the medallion of course.

There are two styles of medallions, the first is a painted ceramic tile. The other consists of individual pieces of either stone, glass, or ceramic tile cut to fit together to give the desired picture or design. The painted tiles can be more affordable because most are painted by machines, but you can also get hand painted tiles as well. The medallions made from individual pieces is more expensive because the pieces have to be hand cut and placed.

Where would be a good place for a medallion? A good place is over the range or the kitchen sink. The backsplash medallion provides a focal point as well as an artistic touch. From mild to wild (I really like saying that!) can be found, if you want a really off the wall design you can find it, on the other hand if you want a traditional design you have that as well. It all depends on what you want.

You can use a medallion commonly used for floors. Medallions are most commonly seen on floors but are becoming more popular for backsplashes too! If the size will fit in your backsplash area that is. Although if the design you want is only slightly larger than the area where you want to use the medallion you may be able to cut it down to fit. Just be sure if you have to cut the backsplash medallion, that the cut will not remove any of the design.

The prices can range from $100 to well over $1000 depending on the complexity of the design as well as how much work is needed to assemble it. A well made, handcrafted, one-off design is the most expensive. Time and experience cost money, the more skilled the artisan, the higher the cost.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fitting of the tile, or whatever you're using for your main backsplash, around the medallion. If you are doing the backsplash medallion yourself, and you don't have a lot of experience with tiling, I would recommend using a square pre-assembled design with the medallion in the center. It's much easier to fit the tiles around the square than around a circle, and less waste.

A medallion can be very attractive and most are easy to install. So if you decide to have one of these I say go for it and feel happy with your decision.

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