Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

When it comes to kitchen backsplash ideas the designs are as varied as the people who think them up. Mixing and matching different materials in the backsplash area can add a personal touch that cannot be copied in any other kitchen, because you thought of it yourself.

But where does one start to get ideas for a backsplash, hmm? Well, I like to start with available materials, or designs. Either of these are what will ultimately take your project into the right direction. Some materials can be found in any design, while other materials only come in a handful of designs.

Some Kitchen Backsplash Ideas and Materials:

  • Metal backsplashes are coming back into style. The metals commonly used are copper, stainless steel, tin backsplashes, and aluminum. Polished stamped metal can be quite stunning and stand out from the rest of your kitchen. While hammered copper that has a patina will blend in nicely, and not immediately draw your eye to it.

  • Backsplash patterns such as subway tile, harlequin, running bond, etc. are what most people look for when trying to decide on how to remodel their backsplash area. This is often the most difficult decision for most people.

  • A stone kitchen backsplash can be a perfect compliment to any kitchen style. You can have granite to match your granite countertops, or marble to match your marble countertops. Tumbled marble is also very popular, and is very attractive. Other stones used are slate, marble, onyx, and limestone.

  • Backsplash murals are also a great kitchen backsplash idea. Murals tell a story, or paint a picture, in ceramic tiles or stamped metal. There are many designs out there, and one is sure to find a place in your design. A great place to to have these tiles is above the range, or cooktop, because the area is large enough to accommodate the design.

  • Backsplash medallions are also a good choice. If you like the idea of having a mural but the shape is not what you're after then you may want to consider one of these circular beauties.

  • Mosaic backsplashes are spectacular in any kitchen. Mosaics can be created from your own design or ones available in books and patterns available on the internet. Making your own design out of colored tiles can be a real winner, but time and skill is required to cut and fit all of the tiles.

  • A glass tile backsplash is also an option. Most of the glass tiles are made from recycled material and is very good if you want to lessen your environmental impact. These tiles come in smooth and textured designs. Glass is very easy to clean and also scratch resistant.

  • Recycled glass tile is becoming very popular. This is a great way to get a little "green" into your kitchen.

  • A wood backsplash is another option. Wood can be of any species, provided the correct finishing and sealing is done. Cleaning can be an issue, but if a high quality paint or polyurethane is used the cleaning will be the same as any other backsplash material.

  • Ceramic tiles have been very popular for a very long time. Ceramic tiles come in every color under the sun and there are also various textures too. Wall tiles are lighter in weight and therefore should only be used on walls. These tiles come in glazed and unglazed depending on the style you want to achieve. Don't forget you can also get these gems handpainted and hand formed as well.

  • If you are looking for some simple kitchen backsplash ideas you're in luck! I have some simple ideas that anyone can accomplish and dress up your backsplash area in a short time period, and for little money.

  • How do you decide on what design you want? Designing a tile backsplash can be frustrating. Some ideas on tile patterns will get the ball rolling as they say.

  • Tile backsplash ideas are also very numerous. Trying to decide on just the right backsplash is difficult. There are even more design ideas on this page for tiles.

Don't let all of these choices get you flustered. Simply take one material at a time until you find the one for you.

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