A Kitchen Island Has Many Uses

A kitchen island can add useful space if your kitchen has the space for one. An island can be as big or small as you or your room space requires.

In fact 80% of people consider an island a major design requirement or is highly desirable in a new kitchen. The fact that islands have so many uses is what makes them so popular. As well being a great way to add architectural details from another adjoining space to bring the whole area together.

An island is a great option in a new kitchen. It can be used as a gathering space, an eating area, a place for the stove or cooktop, a food preparation area, or a place for the sink. 

Islands are a great idea for todays kitchen, they improve the usefulness of your kitchen. Not only do they add needed space that most kitchens lack, but they also add another work area. This is a great way to get another kitchen countertop into the design.

Having more than one countertop is a good idea if you are an eclectic cook. Sometimes you need a butcher block countertop if you prepare a lot of meats. Or perhaps you like to bake? A marble tile countertop may be just what you need. See just how much extra these kitchen islands give you, and not just the extra storage space (although that's nice too!).

It can also separate areas in an open floor plan to define the kitchen space. When you have a large open room the kitchen sometimes gets lost in the openness. An island is a way to separate the areas without using walls.

It can match your existing cabinets or be a totally different style. Since the island is not attached to the cabinets it can be whatever style you desire. The island can also be on wheels, otherwise known as a rolling kitchen cart to roll it in when you need it, and roll it away when you don't.

A rolling kitchen cart is also a great way for smaller kitchens to get an island, because it's not permanent. It can be rolled into an adjacent room, or pantry, if need be.

One suggestion is to keep the island in the same category, what I mean is to keep traditional with traditional and contemporary with contemporary. To me, mixing and matching these two is not good, but if that's what you like then by all means go right ahead but be prepared for some odd looks from your friends.

Some things need to be taken into consideration. Such as, is there enough space for an island, how does the island style affect the overall kitchen appearance, how do you vent a cooktop in an island, and what options are available in a kitchen with limited space? These are easily answered questions if you know what to look for.

Kitchen islands are popular not only for their usefulness but because they create a focal point and can define a space. An island can be whatever your heart desires. Mixing and matching styles and materials in an island is a very good idea if your overall kitchen budget is limited. Using better materials here is a good idea because it will be used a lot more than other areas of your kitchen.

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