Spice Racks Are Essential
For Uncluttered Spice Storage

Spice racks are a perfect solution to the most problematic storage problem in every kitchen, spice storage. The different sizes of spice containers just compound the problem, but luckily for all of us there are ways to alleviate this problem. There is such a large selection of spice organizer systems out there; any kitchen can benefit from one of these as well as match your decor.

These storage solutions not only save space but keeps things organized. A spice rack organizer in the kitchen makes for happy cooks, as well as saving time while cooking which makes everyone happy!

My Top Ten Spice Storage Solutions:

  1. Under Cabinet
    An under cabinet spice rack organizer is a different way to store spices that is not in the mainstream of spice storage. These are a great way to store spices in an unused area, under a cabinet.
  2. Revolving Spice Storage Rack
    Revolving spice storage racks are very popular because they can be placed anywhere, and can be very easily moved. They also have a large selection in the amount of different spices that can be stored. The number of bottles able to be stored starts a 6 and goes up to 48. Plus there are many different styles to choose from.
  3. Drawer Spice Racks
    Drawer spice storage is also a very good option. The only downfall with this system is that you lose a drawer for storing other items. If you have the extra drawer space this is an excellent solution because the drawer can be right next to your range for easy access.
  4. Magnetic Spice Racks
    A magnetic rack can be installed on your backsplash and you can use an area that is otherwise not normally used.

    This storage idea is good for saving space and is quite attractive. The biggest downfall of this system is having the spices exposed to light which may degrade the quality over time; but this can be avoided by using dark bottles.

  5. Wall Mounted Racks
    Wall mounted racks can store a tremendous amount of spice bottles. Some can store over 100 bottles; a big advantage of these racks. Also, these racks are available in wood, plastic, and metal, and able to compliment any kitchen style or personal taste.
  6. Door Mount Racks
    Door mounted racks will increase the storage area inside of any cabinet. These racks are hung from the doors therefore a quality cabinet is a must with this storage idea, because the weight of the rack and spices can be substantial.

    If a small rack is used then there should be no problem. If you have a large amount of spices to store then more than one of these racks can be used in multiple cabinets.

  7. Pull Down Racks
    A pull down spice rack organizer can be a great alternative to the norm. By using an upper cabinet over the range to place this storage option you can use a space that is normally underutilized because it's not easy to reach to the back of the cabinet without a step stool. Plus they can store a lot of spice bottles.
  8. Pull Out Racks
    If you have a small cabinet that is hard to use for storing many kitchen items these pull out racks are a great idea. If you are in the planning stages of your kitchen these pull outs can be integrated into the design, because every kitchen has spices. Rev A Shelf has many options in this type of storage.
  9. Wire Racks
    Wire spice rack storage can be a stair stepped design or a simple multiple shelf design. Either way you go these can store spices in a compact area. Saving some space but more importantly keeping things organized.
  10. Test Tube Style Racks
    Test tube style racks are also a good option to save counter space. The slim design of the tubes as well as their ability to be tightly packed together allow for greater versatility than some of the traditional methods.

Materials And Manufacturers

Materials used for these racks are wood, metal, and plastic. Not only are the materials different but the designs and variations on those materials is also vast.

Some of the plastics are very contemporary while the wooden racks are very traditional, and the metal types can be both traditional and contemporary. It all depends on how much you want to spend and how the material fits into your taste and kitchen style and decor.

Some manufacturers of these racks are Kamenstein, Olde Thompson, Spectrum Creations, LP, and KitchenArt. There are many others and these are just a sampling of the popular manufacturers.

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