Drawer Spice Racks

Drawer spice racks are a good alternative if you don't care for the carousel racks or the other spice rack options. Some people don't like to give up counter space, or they simply don't have any other option of where to store their spices. 

Or maybe you simply want to have the spices out of sight, and still near your work area. There are some good reasons to use this style of spice rack as well as some disadvantages, we'll go over these below. 

For some, the idea of having to relinquish counter space is not an option. They simply don't have the room to spare. With all of the small appliances that seem to fill the kitchen these days it's not difficult to understand why. 

Not to mention a carousel, or wire rack can take up quite a bit of room, and if you're already strapped for space the only place to store your spices is in a drawer.

A drawer spice rack does fit nicely into most drawers. Some of this style spice rack is modular and able to fit a wide range of drawer sizes, while others are a fixed size and fit only a certain drawer size. If you are planning on purchasing one of these racks be sure to measure your drawer accurately to determine which one will be best for you.

The biggest problem faced with drawer spice racks is the loss of drawer space. Again, if you're kitchen is already small you may need all of the drawer space you can get. Trust me, I know what it was like to not have enough drawers, and the idea of giving up a drawer in a small kitchen is not a pleasant one.

If you have limited space, a better option may be to use a door mounted spice rack, or a wall mounted spice rack. Or you may be interested in an under cabinet spice rack. These are other options and one may be more suited for a really small kitchen. But if you have the space to spare, then drawer spice storage is an excellent option.

The drawer spice racks have some limitations on how many spices can be stored. This is dependent on how big your drawer is of course. Most hold 9 to 12 bottles, but you may be able to fit more than one into a single drawer. 

At around $20 each it's not gonna break the bank to get a few if need be. Oh, and some also come with new glass bottles and stainless steel lids, so be sure to verify the spice rack comes with these if you want them. Some pictures on websites show the spice containers but not come with them.

Keeping spices of out direct sunlight also helps to keep the spices fresh. Light degrades the taste of spices over time. Spices are not the least expensive option on store shelves, so caring for them properly will keep them fresher for much longer. For this reason the drawer spice rack is great. It not only keeps the spices organized, easy to get to, and right at hand but also keeps them in store bought condition for much longer.

With the drawer racks there are no tools required for installation (for most racks). The racks fit right into the drawer. Easy, and you will very quickly get all of those spices organized and out of the way. Like I said earlier just make sure the rack you choose will fit your drawer.

Drawer spice racks usually come in wood, acrylic, plastic, and wire. Since the rack is in a drawer, I personally think it doesn't matter which one you choose because it's out of sight 99% of the time. All that matters is what you like, and what seems like a good deal for you.

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