Kitchen Storage Solutions,
Squeeze Out That Last Inch Of Space.

Kitchen storage solutions are much more than just using the space available in the cabinets. There are many ways to organize, some in plain site, some hidden behind cabinet doors, or in a pantry. Finding extra storage space doesn't have to be difficult. 

Kitchen storage solutions can be very frustrating, I mean there are hundreds of products out there that will help. Yes, those products are great to have but the one thing you have to consider, is your kitchen too small?

If you answered yes to that then you are part of a large group. Especially if your kitchen hasn't been remodeled in the last 15 yrs. Think about all of the things we have in modern day kitchens that just weren't available 15 yrs ago.

Ways To Increase Storage

Organize similar items together. Keeping dry goods like sugar, baking powder, and flour in the same cabinet next to your baking area will increase the usefulness of that area.

Clean up those kitchen drawers. Moving the less used utensils to another area outside of the kitchen, like a pantry, will help to lessen the clutter in those drawers. You could even hang them on the backsplash next to the space that those utensils are used most often.

Clean out those cabinets at least twice a year. The first time you clean out your cabinets, if you haven't done it for a while, you will often find items you don't remember buying. Or that you bought for a special occasion and it will most likely expire before you use it again.

Cabinet Kitchen Storage Solutions

A custom built kitchen will use all of the available space in a kitchen but with semi-custom and stock cabinets you will have to compromise in some areas. These areas can go to waste or be utilized with a little ingenuity and some of the available kitchen storage solution products.

One of the most popular ways to get organized, and increase storage, is to use a kitchen drawer organizer. These organizers will definitely help your kitchen storage.

Using your existing cabinets is the best place to start with kitchen storage problems. By using a cabinet organizing system like Rev-A-Shelf you can increase the usability of the existing space you have available. These organizers don't add extra space but use all of the available space you have in the cabinets.

By using the dead space in cabinetry you will gain more storage, and not have to expand on what you already have. One example of this is to use a tip out storage tray in your sink base cabinet. It not only stores your sponges and rags out of sight it also keeps the sink area from looking cluttered.

Another example of using dead space is to use filler drawers in the areas where a cabinet won't fit but a nice small pull-out will. In most kitchens there is an area where there just isn't space for a cabinet. A filler piece of wood has to be installed to cover the gaps in the faces of the cabinets. You can use this area for pull-outs to store sheet pans or cutting boards.

These filler pull-outs are easy to install but basic knowledge of how cabinets are put together is essential. It's best to plan for these in the design but they can be installed at any time.

Base Cabinet Pullout Organizers, Rev-a-Shelf 448 Series Base Cabinet Pullout Organizers
Base Cabinet Organizers with adjustable shelves and chrome rails. Rev-a-Shelf's Base and Wall kitchen storage solution will be the perfect addition to your full height base cabinet. Made from Birch/Maple ..

Base Cabinet Pullout Organizers

Other options include pull-downs that are installed in upper cabinets. The best places for these are in the cabinets above the stove and sink. No longer will you have to reach or get a step stool to get to the back of these cabinets. A great way to add more kitchen storage.

A mobile kitchen cart is also a great option to gain some extra storage space, as these carts can be wheeled into place when needed, and rolled away when they're not. They also serve as an extra area to store pots, pans, spices, wine storage, and many other items.

Consider using larger drawer pulls to allow for hand towel storage. With the large pulls you can place towels in different areas to keep them neat and organized and also keeping you from having to walk all of the way across your kitchen to get a towel.

Amerock Metropolitan Collection Stainless Steel Bar Pull 192mm, BP19012-SS Amerock Metropolitan Stainless Steel Bar Pull
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Amerock Metropolitan Collection Stainless Steel Bar Pull

Countertop Kitchen Storage Solutions

Using crocks to store sugar, and coffee for your morning brew will free up space in your cabinets. Because you will most likely use these items on a daily basis it makes sense to keep them out and readily available. These crocks can be made of glass or ceramic, they both do the same job you just can't see through the ceramic.

Wicker baskets for fruit add a nice touch to your kitchen. Placing red and green apples along with other fruits will add a splash of color to your kitchen. This also keeps them out and in view to ensure they get eaten, which is the best part isn't it?

Using stackable containers is also a great idea. Using these containers to store commonly used items is a good alternative to using crocks. You can stack them up to the bottom of the cabinets, which keeps them in a more compact area freeing up counter space.

There are many simple ideas to help you increase the kitchen storage and usability of your kitchen. Whether it be an already established kitchen or one you are planning to build, these kitchen storage solutions are a good place to start.

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