Kitchen Countertop Ideas

When remodeling your kitchen, getting as many kitchen countertop ideas as possible is very important. With countertops so wide ranging in cost, color, and material how does one ever decide? Formica is not the only choice anymore and finding the perfect top for you can be a daunting task.

A good tip is to go to a large home improvement center and browse their selection but not necessarily buy from them. Shop around you may be surprised what prices are out there from other local retailers. Plus the local retailers can point you towards even more kitchen countertop ideas.

Before we get to the kitchen countertop materials let's talk about choosing the right countertop for you and your family.

The Most Common Types Of Kitchen Countertops:

  • Formica is a brand name, the true name for this material is laminate. Laminate countertops are similar to laminate flooring in the fact that a "picture" is applied over an MDF backer and pressed together under high heat. Laminate countertops are the least expensive of the professionally installed kitchen countertop ideas.

    You may also want to consider painting your existing laminate countertop. Countertop paint is cost effective and can change the whole look of your kitchen.

  • Glass Kitchen Countertops are not new to kitchens, but the selection of various textures, colors, and edge treatments are. Could this be the accent piece your looking for?

  • Recycled Glass Countertops are also an option in countertops. Recycled glass countertops come in two types, solid sheets and terrazzo. Although not the least expensive option, they're among the most beautiful.

    Man-made terrazzo slab countertops made from recycled glass are new and EnviroGLAS is among the newest. Not made from marble but from recycled glass bottles, an environmentally friendly choice.

  • Stone such as granite,marble, soapstone and slate are among the most expensive kitchen countertop ideas, depending on what details and thickness you want. The great thing about stone is the durability and longevity. These countertops will last forever.

  • Tile countertops are a favorite as well. If you can think of it you can do it with tile. Choices in tile are ceramic, terrazzo, stone, glass, and metal just to name a few . Combining two or more of these will give a truly unique style.

    The pattern choices are numerous as well, with running bond, block, and herringbone patterns being the most popular.

  • Butcher block tops are an age old choice. Hard sugar maple being the most popular due to its beauty and durability. The option of cutting food on a countertop without having to get a cutting board is a real time saver in a busy kitchen.

  • Solid surface countertops are available as well. The solid surface countertops are the same color throughout the thickness of the top. Scratches and the occasional chip can be easily sanded away. These countertops cannot be subjected to high heat, such as a pan that has come off the stove. It will melt and be damaged but it can be fixed by sanding.

  • Concrete countertops are becoming very popular. They don't look like the sidewalks we walk on. The color choices are nearly endless. These are quickly becoming one of the most popular kitchen countertop ideas.

    If you think you want to tackle making your own concrete countertops check out my DIY concrete countertop page to see if it's something you would want to try yourself. Concrete tops require a lot of knowledge to make properly.

  • Quartz countertops are becoming more popular these days due it's lower cost than it's solid stone equivalent. Quartz kitchen countertops are a resin mixed with aggregate (stone). These tops are available in a wide range of colors and can fit any decor.

  • Yet another choice in kitchen countertops is Stainless steel. In a modern contemporary style kitchen, these tops have found a home. Not just for restaurants anymore, these add to the austere appearance that is the contemporary style. No need to worry about these tops for they will last forever if the correct material is selected.

    There are five things I take into consideration when choosing a kitchen countertop.

  • Your budget, unfortunately this is the most constraining factor for most people. A good starting point is 10%-15% of a complete kitchen remodeling budget. This helps to narrow down your choices.

  • How does your family use the kitchen countertops? Do you bake often or do you cook only occasionally? The most expensive top may not be the most practical choice in a kitchen that doesn't get used very often.

  • Natural or man-made, the maintenance is more with natural products. Man-made countertops require little maintenance while natural products require regular maintenance.

  • Also consider combining different materials. Solid surface will be right at home with natural materials and vise-versa. This also allows for splurging in one area while compromising in another.

  • The desired countertop edges. The edges of your countertop can be complex or plain, it all depends on your taste. Please remember the more complex the profile, the more expensive it will be.

This is a good starting point and a way to get focused on that perfect countertop.As you can see the choices for kitchen countertop ideas are wide, and getting wider with new technologies. From a traditional look to the most modern of appearances, it can be found and placed into your kitchen. All that limits you, is your imagination.

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