Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

When it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware it's amazing that anyone can decide what they want. The incredible selection that's available can be intimidating. Not only is there a choice between knobs and pulls but the vast designs and materials used is also another factor in the decision making process.

When choosing kitchen cabinet hardware most people decide on a style that fits their existing kitchen decor. But if you want to spice things up try adding hardware that's bright and cheery. Using bright colors that complement the design will definitely accomplish this.

There are also hand painted knobs on the market, and having a hand painted knob will add a touch of artistry to your kitchen. Another benefit is the fact that no one else will ever have the same knobs; even in the same design the subtle differences in the painting technique will make these unique.

In years past the choices in kitchen cabinet hardware was limited, but not these days. There are literally thousands of designs, shapes, and styles out there. If you desire to have hardware that no one else you know has, it's very possible. The selection is nearly endless.

How do you decide between pulls and knobs? This is a stylistic choice as well as a functional one. Having knobs on the upper cabinets is a possibility because the extra strength offered by pulls is not needed. The metal knobs are very strong and capable of being placed anywhere; where a porcelain knob may not hold up to a heavy drawer.

The choices are greater with knobs than they are with pulls. Knobs can be any size, shape, color, and material. Where the pulls are generally only metal, glass, or wood. Metal pulls can have porcelain inlays to match porcelain knobs, so that is yet another choice for you.

Let's simplify the available choices:

  • Porcelain
  • Metals including: stainless steel cabinet hardware, satin nickel cabinet hardware, and wrought iron hardware
  • Glass Cabinet Hardware
  • Wood
  • Handcrafted
  • Acrylic
  • Resin
  • Leather

We can't forget about hinges because there is quite a selection there too. In a traditional style kitchen brass and wrought iron hinges that are exposed will fit right in. In a contemporary design a hidden European hinge is the choice for most people.

Here are the two types of hinges:

  • Visible
  • Hidden (European)

Pulls are most commonly seen in the bottom cabinets because of the extra strength they afford. Pulls are often much stronger than knobs due to the fact that pulls have two screws holding the pulls to the cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Amerock Collections - Special Order

Best Sellers and Common Styles

Berenson Decorative Hardware - Special Order

Belwith - Special Order

Bosetti-Marella Classic Hardware - Special Order

Century Hardware - Special Order

Glass Knobs and Pulls

Stickley, Mission and Arts and Crafts

Restoration Knobs and Pulls

Top Knobs - Special Order

Wooden Knobs and Pulls

Cabinet Hardware Template

I highly recommend using a cabinet hardware template when installing your new hardware. The reason is, it will take forever to do otherwise, and getting all of those holes lined up perfectly is going to be a hassle.

There are a number of products out there, and you could also make your own template. But the best template I've found is this drawer and knob pull jig from Rockler. The description below also has a picture so you can see what it looks like.

Drawer Pull JIG IT® Template

Marking screw holes in your cabinets becomes simple, quick and accurate! Creates absolutely accurate spacing for pull borings, and door knobs.

Drawer Pull JIG IT® Template

Drawer Pull JIG IT® Template

Pulls come in a variety of sizes; from 2 1/2 to 4 inches, in 1/2 inch increments. Using the larger pulls will allow you to keep towels in areas where you need them. For example, near the range or the prep area; which also eliminates the cluttered look of having towels on the countertops.

If you want to add your own taste and style to a kitchen there is no better way to accomplish this, than by adding new kitchen cabinet hardware. This is also a relatively inexpensive upgrade and a great way to update an outdated kitchen. You would be surprised how much a simple change like hardware will affect the overall look of your kitchen.

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