Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen design ideas are as numerous as kitchens themselves. There are many designs available but your floor plan is the ultimate design limitation. The kitchen layout is probably the most important design consideration.

My recommendation is to buy a book, or two, for the kitchen style you like, then to buy a kitchen design software program. The books will give you the ideas you need all in one place and can be read at your leisure.

The kitchen design software will allow you to put all of those ideas into practice. Many software packages allow you to view your cabinets and layout in 3-D too! This is especially useful if you have a less popular kitchen style, or if you want to incorporate more than one style into the same kitchen design idea.

You don't have to buy a top of the line software program to design your kitchen layout, but the more expensive ones will give you more options for designing a kitchen. If you plan on using an NKBA certified designer, a simple program is all you will need, and this is just to give you an idea of what you want before sitting down with your designer.

Most designers charge by the hour, so any time saved before your appointment will help you save money on the total remodel. Although, some kitchen cabinet retailers will give you a kitchen designed for free as long as you buy from them. Just make sure beforehand if you don't buy from them what the charge will be, if any.

Both the books and software cost less than $100 and will save you money by avoiding costly mistakes. As well as having a clear picture when purchasing cabinets. Being fully knowledgeable about your preferred style will give you a clear vision when you sit down with your kitchen designer. This the best kitchen design recommendation I can give.

Here Are Some Of My Tips For Kitchen Design Ideas

  • Choose your style:
    The style of your preferred kitchen will set you off in the right direction. Choosing your style can be an immense challenge or the easiest part of your design. A clear mind on your style will get you headed down the path to success.

  • Choose Your Color:
    Kitchen paint colors are sometimes difficult to choose. The color of your kitchen cabinets will affect the overall style of your kitchen. Color also affects our moods, an all white kitchen has a sterile feel while a colorful kitchen can cheer us up and get us in the mood for some cookin'.

  • Choosing Countertop Materials:
    Countertops are a big design requirement. Man-made, natural, or a combination of both. Man-made materials have the ability to be uniform in color and texture, while natural materials can vary in colors immensely. The textures of natural materials are not as uniform as man-made materials.

  • Choose Your Cabinet Material:
    The wood you choose for your kitchen has design implications as well. A dark wood has to be painted or stained to make it lighter which covers up some or all of the wood's characteristics. This may be your desired style, or a downfall of the design.

  • How You Intend To Use Your Kitchen:
    If you intend the kitchen to only be a place for cooking then extra seating may not be necessary. But if you would like the kitchen to be a gathering area extra seating is a must, an island accomplishes both of these needs.

  • Storage:
    Storage is a big deal in kitchens. No matter how much cabinet space you have it never seems to be enough. Or just adding better accessibility to the cabinets and making the chores of cooking easier and less tedious.

  • Lighting In The Design:
    Let's not forget about lighting. Lighting has to be planned for in the early stages of the design. After the kitchen layout is decided on lighting comes next. A lighting designer can help with this but you can do it yourself as well if you know what's available. Wiring has to be done in the earliest stages of the whole construction process.

  • Your Style Of Decorating
    Your style of decorating will have an impact on the design of your kitchen. Sometimes more than you know. Decoration is a fun way to impart your own personality into the design. Your own style is a place to start when trying to decide on kitchen design ideas.

  • Appliances:
    Appliances also have to be planned for in the early stages of the design for obvious reasons. A double wall oven has to have special cabinetry, and utility connections such as gas or electric hookups. The sizes of appliances are becoming more numerous and the ability to have built-ins have to be planned for in the earliest of stages of the design.

As you can see there are many considerations when planning your kitchen. The easiest and most cost effective way of implementing your kitchen design ideas is to purchase kitchen design software. You can change and experiment with the style, design, and placement of cabinets in the allotted space.

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