Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen cabinet styles are usually placed into two categories, traditional and contemporary. These are very broad labels and there are many subcategories of these two main styles. 

When it comes to kitchen cabinets the styles available are numerous, to say the least. As I'm sure you're finding out, if you've ever been to a store that sells cabinets that is. Kitchen cabinets themselves are quite simple it's the kitchen cabinet door styles that make the cabinet style, and ultimately your kitchen style.

Cabinets are a highly personal object. This is the one place you can really go crazy, if you wish, and be totally OK with it. Just keep this in mind "will I like this kitchen 10 years from now"? If you decide on high end cabinets that question may be "will I like this kitchen forever"?

Lets get to the cabinet styles, I will list the traditional ones first. Keep in mind that there are sometimes very small details that change the kitchen cabinet door styles from one style to another. A keen eye is sometimes necessary to tell the difference. The related styles are close to the major style with sometimes subtle differences, let's get started shall we?

The Traditional Styles

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Related styles:
    • Mission
    • Prairie

  • Country
  • Related Styles:
    • English Country
    • Garden
    • Farmhouse
    • French Country
    • Cottage
    • Tuscan Country

  • Rustic Kitchens
  • Related Styles:
    • Lodge
    • Adirondack
    • Southwestern
    • Log Cabin

  • Old World
  • Related Styles:
    • Medieval
    • Gothic
    • French Chateau
    • Castle
    • Mediterranean

  • Early Traditional
  • Related styles:
    • Georgian
    • Cape Cod
    • Shaker
    • Early American
    • Neoclassical
    • Plantation
    • Colonial
    • Edwardian
    • Federal
    • Regency
    • Queen Anne
    • Victorian
Don't feel overwhelmed by the vast selection. Most of these styles are similar in looks with different accents and woods used, as well as different finishes. Traditional kitchen styles can be very plain to very ornate, don't feel constrained by what's normally seen in a particular kitchen style. Get out there and experiment with your preferred style you may be surprised what you come up with!

Now lets look at the contemporary styles.

The Contemporary Styles

  • Industrial
  • Modern
  • Post Modern
  • Futurism
  • Functionalism
  • Art Moderne
  • Art Deco
  • Transitional

As you can see there are lots of different kitchen cabinet styles to choose from. A good place to start is with the main categories and then going through the subcategories and narrowing it down from there. Not only are there subcategories but there are, yup you guessed it sub-sub categories. For example in the Rustic Style there are also sub categories of Lodge, and Southwestern.

Whew, lots of styles to choose from, but so many ways to get what you want.

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