Kitchen Appliances
Many Options For You To Choose From.

Kitchen appliances are the fastest movers in kitchen technology. The choices aren't limited to ranges, cooktops, and refrigerators anymore. When it comes to todays kitchens, appliances are a major part of the design.

You may be interested in trying to find used appliances. Used appliances can be a great deal, but asking the right questions will give you a better idea on how much the appliance is worth, and if it really is a good deal.

There are many different kitchen appliances to choose from and variations on those. Appliance technology is advancing very quickly. Staying up to date on the latest technology before you buy will give you the knowledge to pick the best possible appliances for your budget.

Major Appliance, Large Appliance:

  • Kitchen cooktops have a variety of heating types and burner styles. From electric, gas, and a new technology, magnetic induction. There are different ventilation options with cooktops as well. Cooking appliances have come a long way from the old four burner gas stoves.
  • Kitchen ranges also have a wide variety of heating types, as well as fuels. Combination's of heating types in the same range are also available and may be a better option in some kitchens.

  • Built In Ovens are very popular as an extra appliance away from the standard range/oven combination. Ovens aren't just for roasting meats anymore, steam ovens are also on the market and can cut down cooking times dramatically.
      Types Of Ovens:
    • Conventional Ovens
    • Convection Ovens
    • Steam Ovens
    • Combination Ovens

  • Refrigerators can be built in or stand alone. They can be made to blend in by installing panels to match the cabinets. Or stainless steel to stand out. Commercial quality refrigerators are the newest trend.

    If you like the fridge you have but need replacement parts such as refrigerator drawers you can find them as well.

Smaller Kitchen Appliances:

  • Dishwashers are by far the most diverse appliance. From bare minimum to all the bells and whistles. Not only for cleaning dishes, but also can be used as a plate warmer and sanitizer.

    Among the newest trends is the drawer dishwasher. These are a great new appliance design.

  • Countertop washing machines are also an option. Although not a traditional kitchen appliance these little guys are useful in their own way.

  • Warming drawers are the perfect solution to keeping dinners warm while the final touches are being made. Some warmers can even be used as a slow cooker.

  • Cooling drawers add extra space in just the right areas. Adding a cooling drawer close to your cooktop or range, to store commonly used foods, will greatly increase the flexibility of your kitchen. These are basically a small refrigerator in a convenient location.

  • Microwaves are a must have appliance in every kitchen. Some advancements in microwave technology have improved their overall cooking capabilities, such as convection cooking. As well as the ever so popular microwave range hood which eliminates the stand alone range hood and adds more space to your kitchen. These are also becoming big time cooking appliances as our lives get busier.
  • Beverage centers such as kegerators and wine refrigerators are becoming very popular in the modern kitchen. These are great additions to any kitchen, not only because they are very useful but because they help to organize your favorite drinks.

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