How To Find Replacement
Refrigerator Drawers

Replacement refrigerator drawers can be hard to find sometimes. What inspired me to write this page was hearing about how hard it is to find replacement parts for refrigerators.

Drawers are commonly broken, or simply wear out over time. Most drawers nowadays are made from plastic and can be broken by simply dropping something on them, and most places that sell refrigerators don't sell replacement parts.

When searching for refrigerator replacement drawers the first bit of information you need is the model number. This can be located, in most refrigerators, on the inside of the appliance. It's a combination of numbers and letters, from 12 to 24 characters long. Without the precise model number you may not get the exact drawer you need, there are thousands of different refrigerator models.

After you have found your model number try searching for your part at They have a lot of parts available. Simply enter the model number in the search box below to see what's available.

This easy-to-use search will help you find appliance parts quickly.
Begin by entering your appliance model number.

Example: LSQ8243HQ0

Where can I find the model number?
The model tag is usually in a visible location, on the front of

the appliance (not on the back).

The next bit of info you need, and already know, is which drawer is in need of replacement. The snacks drawer is smaller and commonly in the middle row of the fridge. The crisper drawers are the larger ones at the bottom the appliance. The crisper drawers are often the same drawer but not always, some have a smaller drawer for fruits, or for the vegetables, when compared to the other drawer.

Next you need the trim your fridge possibly has. Some are all white , while others have a metal or stainless steel trim piece for the handle. Sometimes it's less expensive to buy a refrigerator drawer that doesn't have trim, but it won't match the other drawers. I personally think it doesn't matter because the fridge is opened so infrequently, but this is your decision of course.

After you have gathered your model number and the other info you can begin searching for the drawer. You can simply enter the model number in a search engine and buy one online, or go to a replacement appliance parts store in your area.

The advantages of buying one over the internet is you can buy appliance parts online and save money because the cost is often much less than a local store, but a local store may have one already in stock. If your local store doesn't have one in stock it may be a better idea to order over the internet as the shipping time will most likely be the same for both.

Finding a replacement refrigerator drawer is not too difficult unless you have an older refrigerator that's not made any longer. Expect to pay between $40 and $100 for a replacement drawer, not inexpensive but a lot cheaper than buying a new refrigerator!

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