Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

The kitchen ceiling is all but over looked in the modern home. Kitchen ceiling ideas are few and far between. Well, I am here to help. You'll be amazed at what can be done with a ceiling.

Kitchens are commonly overlooked in the ceiling department. Not anymore there are literally thousands of different ceilings.

I can't possibly go through all possible ceiling types but I will give you the most often used. Don't think you can't mix different ceiling ideas together, such as drywall and metal ceiling tiles. 

Here, you could use the drywall on the outer edges of the ceiling and let the metal be framed in the center by the drywall, just an example of using two different ceiling types.

Some Of The Different Ceilings:

  • Plain old drywall ceiling textures, with some twists! Drywall is the least expensive ceiling material, but there are some things you can do to spruce it up. Such as adding a nice swirl or the traditional popcorn look. This is also a DIY project, visit for more ceiling textures.
  • Wood ceilings are wonderful and can add a warm touch.
  • Coffered ceilings are complex designs that add spectacular architectural details. These designs are complex, but only in it's look, they are actually very easy to make.
  • Plaster ceilings used to be the norm, but with the advent of drywall it's all but forgotten. It's regaining popularity, and with a plaster medallion and plaster crown moldings it's amazing.
  • Drop ceilings can be used to cover up an aging ceiling. You will be surprised what styles are now available. Long gone are the days of only having a choice between acoustic tiles, and acoustic tiles.
  • Metal ceiling tiles, such as tin and copper. Nothing brightens up a room and adds a truly dramatic touch than metal ceilings. These were the standard in most of the older homes built in the late 1900's.
  • Laminate ceilings, yes laminate on the ceiling. This is a new way of using laminate. It has some advantages over wood. Using the same technology as laminate floors, these are sure to be a popular material in the future.
  • Faux wood beams can be added to an existing ceiling to give it the rustic touch. These beams are made of polyurethane or foam, and look as good as the real thing.
  • Kitchen soffits can be used to house your recessed lights. Or a place to put lights that shine up on the ceiling to highlight it and change the whole look and feel of your kitchen.
  • Cathedral ceiling can have a barreled ceiling instead. A barrel ceiling is not complicated but it looks like it is, and it gives a different look to any kitchen.
  • Solar tube skylights in the kitchen can aid in ventilation when the unexpected burning of dinner happens, like when I cook! Seriously, skylights not only ventilate but add natural light which does wonders to the look of a kitchen.

One, or any combination of the ceiling ideas above can give you a ceiling that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. There are many different styles and variations of those styles. Whatever you can think of can be designed and built into your ceiling. Knowing what styles are out there will give you a good start to finding the one that's right for you.

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