Kitchen Cabinet Construction Basics

Kitchen cabinet construction is a major factor when considering a new kitchen. The price of a kitchen cabinet is based on a number of factors. The joinery, finish, and construction of components of the cabinets are what will ultimately determine the price and quality of those cabinets.

These Factors Include:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Door Construction
    Cabinet door construction is an important part of a good quality kitchen cabinet. Although, all doors are made the same way there are some differences in style, or design.

  • Kitchen Cabinet Finishes
    Cabinet finishes are also an important factor in cabinet construction. Finishes can be a very personal detail in your new kitchen. Or, you may just want to change your existing cabinets.

  • Cabinet Drawer Joinery
    Joinery is probably the most important factor in your new cabinets quality. There have been some great advancements in cabinet joinery, such as using pocket screws to join the face frame to the cabinet body. Cabinet drawers cannot be left out, because drawers have the most stress put on them and need to take that stress. Joinery is important for a long lasting drawer.
  • Cabinet Face Frame Construction
    The face frame is the part you see behind the cabinet doors. There isn't a lot to the joinery of the faceframe but there are some things you should look for. Face frame joinery is important because it holds the box together and joins the adjoining cabinets together.

  • Types of Wood or Material Used:
    1. Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

  • Amount of "Hands On" the Piece Gets

A Great Video Series On Kitchen Cabinet Construction:

I recommend taking the time and watching all of the videos in this series. It is a long series but the cabinetmaker goes through the building of the cabinets from start to finish.

There are also rta kitchen cabinets. These cabinets come packaged in compact form and are ready to assemble with simple hand tools. Don't let the fact that these cabinets come unassembled put you off, these cabinets can be of high quality at a fair price.

All of these factors combine to make up the cost of a cabinet. For example, a Laminate Faced cabinet made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) is going to cost far less than a Handmade cabinet made of the spectacular, West Indian Mahogany.

The amount of workmanship that has to go into the construction of a cabinet is the most expensive aspect. A machine can pump out 100 cabinets a day when it may take a craftsman a day to make only one. Time is money.

Nothing compares to a handmade cabinet when it comes to quality. But not everyone can afford a $100,000 kitchen. Fortunately for us there are ways to find good quality cabinets at a reasonable price.

Basic knowledge of the cabinet parts will help you find the best quality cabinets to fit your budget. Let my knowledge Guide you through.

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