Freezerless Refrigerator

The first thing to take into account when considering a freezerless refrigerator is do you have the space available to have a separate freezer near the kitchen. If you have to place the freezer any distance from the kitchen it may prove burdensome if you have to travel to get frozen foods.

If this is not a problem then I say go for it! Having a freezerless fridge allows you to store more fresh foods. I have a garden and having the extra space to store all of the foods that come out of my garden would be a huge plus, but I don't have the space for a separate freezer.

If you have a large garden or if you eat a lot of fresh foods this refrigerator is a good option. The extra space will be welcomed.

Energy Star rated appliances are almost a necessity because the extra upfront costs will be recouped over time and then it starts to pay you to use them. And, of course, the electricity costs in your area will determine how fast, and how much, you will save over time.

Freezerless refrigerators are available in french door, and the traditional single door designs. Be sure to check out my other pages on major appliances for even more refrigerator ideas.

A great advantage of freezerless refrigerators is the ability of being able to store a full pan of food on the shelves. There are some fridge types like the side by side style that have difficulties storing large pans because of the limited space available. A french door style fridge may also be a good choice, if you are really only looking for the ability to store wide pans.

Another great advantage is because there is no freezer attached to the fridge the size of the unit itself can be much smaller. If you have a small kitchen with an attached pantry this may be a good choice. It not only saves on space in your kitchen but allows for more frozen food storage in a separate area. A separate chest freezer can hold way more frozen foods than even the largest of refrigerators.

The styles, materials, and designs of these refrigerators are not limited. If you desire stainless steel, enameled black, or whatever you want really, you can get it. There are also kits available to panel your fridge so it blends in nicely with your kitchen cabinets. 

Hiding appliances is very popular these days and using a panel kit will help you accomplish this. These will probably need to be specially ordered for your kitchen cabinet styles. 

As you can see this can be a great option for your kitchen if you have the extra space to keep a separate freezer. This also allows you more options in your food storage capabilities. The biggest downside is the need to purchase a separate freezer would could impact your budget.

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