A Counter Depth Refrigerator?
It Can Be A Good Choice.

So, your thinking about a counter depth refrigerator. Great, these can be a very good choice if your kitchen has the space needed to incorporate the extra width that is required for these units.

If you need a couple of extra inches to allow for a walkway or doorway, and a standard depth refrigerator would protrude into the room too far , these are an excellent solution. These refrigerators can also be good if your refrigerator space is in the center of your cabinet layout, and not on the ends.

Some counter depth refrigerators can be paneled to match your cabinets. By paneling your refrigerator it will blend in and match your design; without the huge price tag of a true built-in refrigerator.

Hiding large appliances is a big desire in a lot of kitchens. The higher end kitchens are commonly designed to hide refrigerators and dishwashers. Paneling options are quite ranging and getting a panel design to match your cabinets is not difficult; but it does raise the price.

A very popular style of this type of fridge is the counter depth french door refrigerator. A counter depth french door refrigerator is just like the standard depth fridge just not as deep. 


Counter depth fridges not for you? Check out my kitchen appliances page.

Stainless steel is also a popular option. A counter depth stainless steel refrigerator is a great option when you desire stainless or already have stainless appliances and want to match them. Some things to consider when thinking of buying stainless steel is the stainless is only a skin on the door, so all you really pay for is the look of stainless. This must be taken into consideration, is it worth the extra cost?

Depths of these fridges range from 24 to 27 inches, to seamlessly transition from cabinet to refrigerator. Please note, the refrigerator itself is countertop depth and the doors do protrude beyond the countertop. The reason for this is to allow for free operation of the door, and to not interfere with the cabinets and countertops.

A Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator Video

GE Counter Depth Refrigerator Video

The standard width is 36 inches.
These refrigerators are wider to allow for the same amount of storage as a traditional unit. With advancements in insulation technologies the interior storage space is getting much better, when compared to an older unit of the same size.

All of the amenities with other refrigerators are also available with counter depth refrigerators. Options like ice and water dispensers, top mount, bottom mount, french door, and single door units are all available. Your choices are not limited with this style of fridge.

A big disadvantage of these units are the widths needing to be wider than the standard depth units. The widths start at 36 inches and go up from there. If you are in the planning stages this may, or may not, be a problem. In smaller kitchens the extra space these refrigerators take up, will take away from your cabinet storage area. If storage area is limited these may not be the best choice. But of course, this is a personal decision.

The biggest advantage of these units is the price when compared to a built-in unit. If you really like the built-in look, but your budget is limited, these are a great compromise. The options are endless, and any kitchen style can have a counter depth refrigerator that matches the design and look of your kitchen; as well as your style and tastes.

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