Tile Backsplash Ideas

Tile backsplash ideas are, shall we say, numerous. What no one tells you is that there is no set way to design a kitchen backsplash. There are common designs like the subway, hexagonal, and running bond patterns, but what makes a great backsplash is the variations on those designs.

When it comes to tile backsplash ideas there are numerous tile options, like ceramic tile (of course), stone, glass, porcelain, and even metal tiles.

When using a standard ceramic wall tile, adding in a rope border or some other separating design element between rows will greatly enhance the look and feel of the backplash area. Kitchen backsplash ideas are only limited by your imagination.

A border tile is also a great way to break up the pattern, by using a coordinating border with a design on the face, or no design if you prefer. Another variation on the border tile is to simply use a different color. Is doesn't have to match what's there but trying to match something in the design of the kitchen is important.

Border and rope molding type tiles can be found in ceramic, porcelain, and stone. So don't let it bother you that a coordinating accent tile might not be found because I'm sure you will find just what you need, the selection is quite large.

Ceramic tiles are by far the most often used material in the kitchen backsplash area. There are ceramic moldings, ceramic knobs, ceramic tiles in all colors, you name it there is a ceramic material for any kitchen design. 

Try to visualize what you're after, and then go after it. Don't be afraid to experiment with mixing in different materials as well, you may be surprised what you come up with.

One way to get the perfect backsplash for you is to decide on a style that you like, and then try to incorporate some other elements into that design. For example, why not try to get some color into an ordinary backsplash by adding in some glass backsplash tiles.

Glass tiles come in a wide array of colors. Using a color found in the knobs is a great way to harmonize the design, while at the same time adding some character to your kitchen. Oh, and by the way glass also comes in recycled glass tile as well.

When installing a stone backsplash you don't have to use the same stone throughout. Try adding in some other stones of varying colors, either in the same color family or the other end of the spectrum, let your imagination run with this one. Stone is one of those materials that just begs to be used with other natural materials.

The whole idea I was trying to get across on this page for tile backsplash ideas, was for you to not feel constrained by what the usual way of doing things is. Try to get an idea of what you want then visit a home center, or tile store, to see what design you can come up with.

There is no more satisfactory feeling in a kitchen remodel than to tell others that YOU designed your outstandingly beautiful backsplash. After all it's often the first thing that people notice, and the first thing they comment on!

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