How About A Subway Tile Backsplash?

A subway tile backsplash is basically a running bond brick pattern. It was given the subway tile name because the style is used quite extensively in, well, subway terminals. Why they chose that particular pattern I don't really know, but it does seem to be quite popular.

Backsplashes were first made out of simple materials to protect the wall from liquids during cooking. This is how they began, and while they still serve this purpose they have become much more. 

small stone subway tile backsplash

They are now a major designing point in your kitchen and add a unique style to it. This means that choosing the right backsplashes is very important if you want your kitchen to be a representation of you. It has become so important, that a great kitchen can add thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars of value to your house. 

Now this may seem like choosing the right tiles is going to be hard but with there being so many great designs, any one of them could make your kitchen look a lot better. A choice that is often used and looks good is the subway tile backsplash that can work well in almost any kitchen because of its conservative nature.

If you have spent any time in a subway you will now the design well, and it’s very simple in nature with white rectangle tiles fitted together. It is a nice change to the traditional square tiles and gives your kitchen a clean, almost sterile look.

large stone subway tile backsplash

It does have some downsides, if you go for the traditional white with your subway tiles as it can look like it lacks warmth, also if your house is very colorful it can look out of place. So be sure to match your kitchen design to the rest of your home, or your kitchen may look like it belongs in another house. 

This is not a problem for people who have a modern looking house with lighter colors throughout it. It is also possible to get the subway look with different colors, as they now stock the same sized rectangular tiles in a lot of different colors. 

It is also possible to get glass tiles in the subway tile pattern now. The sizes are still on the small side with 2x4 inch tiles being the largest I could find. Don't let the size discourage you though, the smaller tiles can make a truly fantastic backsplash. 

Subway tile backsplashes offer great protection as they are a strong and durable which can be amazing if you are a messy cooker. The problem is that most people buy subway tile backsplashes in white and this means you will have to clean them a lot. 

This may be a disadvantage for some people, if they do like to cook every night. On the other hand ceramic tiles are very easy to keep clean, but the grout can be a problem if it's not properly sealed. Sealing the grout is very important, not only for cleaning but also to keep the staining to a minimum. 

Subway tile backsplashes are an interesting choice to use in your kitchen. When your kitchen is clean and your subway tiles are shining it can really make your kitchen look like something special. 

It is also great because it is still conservative enough that it will suit almost any kitchen, unlike other, bolder choices in backsplashes that either work with, or ruin a kitchen. A subway tile backsplash is a nice touch giving your kitchen a modern look and making it feel very clean. With some modern appliances it can really look like the kitchen of the future.

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