Simple Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
For Your Next Project!

When it comes to simple kitchen backsplash ideas there are quite a few projects that can be done. The backsplash area can be very complex or very plain, depending on what you want of course. But for the purpose of this page I will give you easy kitchen backsplash ideas that can be done by anyone.

How About Paint?

The first, and easiest, simple kitchen backsplash idea is to simply paint the backsplash area. Most homes use drywall for wall coverings so paint is an obvious choice. With paint being an endless rainbow of options you can go with a dramatic color, or a color that will compliment. The choice is yours, and if you don't like the color you chose you can always change it, so don't be afraid to experiment with different colors.

Paint is also very affordable and very quickly changes the look of the backsplash. The higher quality paints such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams will give you the most durability and also aids in the ease of cleaning. Although some flat and eggshell paints can be cleaned, it's best to go with a semi-gloss or gloss paint. I prefer a semi-gloss paint in this area.

If you have a backsplash that is stained I recommend using a shellac based primer such as B-I-N from Zinsser. These primers are great because they are water resistant and cover up the most stubborn of stains. They do have quite a strong smell from the alcohol solvent so good air circulation is a must.

An interesting kitchen backsplash idea for paint is chalkboard paint. This paint is easily washed and you can also write notes on it and then wash it away when the task is completed.

How About Easy To Install Metal Panels
As A Kitchen Backsplash Idea?

For the more advanced DIYers out there you can use metal backsplash panels. These panels come in kits for easy installation and only common hand tools are required for installation. These panels are lightweight and come in a variety of designs.

Metal commonly used for these panels are stainless steel, copper, and tin. These materials hold up very well to the kitchen environment, and are very stylish. If you are considering a different material for your backsplash you can't go wrong with these.

The designs are also quite varied. There are literally hundreds of designs, and one is sure to fit your tastes. If you don't want a stamped panel, you can have a simple sheet of metal. Finding sheets made specifically for the area over the range is quite easy. This is my personal favorite, when it comes to simple kitchen backsplash ideas.

Thermoplastic Backsplash Panels?

A spin on the true metal panels mentioned above is thermoplastic panels. These panels are easy to install and quite affordable, and among my top kitchen backsplash ideas.

By simply cutting the panels with scissors or a utility knife, and gluing the panels to the walls, you can transform your kitchen in short order.

These panels look very much like metal without having to use metal. But using metal around the range or cooktop may be necessary, and because the plastic closely matches the metal it will not be noticeable. And using a different color over the range will add another dimension to your backsplash.

This really is a simple kitchen backsplash idea, and with simple tools (and some time) you can do this yourself!

Vinyl Tiles, Am I Serious?

Yes I'm serious when I recommend vinyl tiles for use as a simple backsplash idea. There is a very wide ranging assortment of styles, textures, and colors. Plus with the ease of cutting these tiles, using a simple utility knife, there is no need for renting or buying any expensive equipment.

Although these tiles are normally reserved for flooring they do a stand-up job as a backsplash material. These tiles are also very affordable. Some for as little as 59 cents per square foot. You will be surprised just how good this could look, plus it's one of the most simple kitchen backsplash ideas to complete.

On the downside once these tiles are stuck to the wall, that's it they're there for good. You can remove them but some of the drywall and paint will most likely come with them.

Why Not Try To Wallpaper The Backsplash?

This is my next simple kitchen backsplash idea. Wallpaper is inexpensive and quick to complete. With this material I recommend getting a wallpaper that is washable. Plus the washable type paper will stand up better to humidity and steam in the kitchen.

But the downside is wallpaper can peel if too much heat and humidity gets to the adhesive layer. The best way to combat this is to get a wallpaper that is used in bathrooms. These papers are specially made to stand up to those problems.

Wallpaper has been used in the kitchen for many years so it's not a new concept and is slowly gaining in popularity.

Cork On Walls?

Another interestingly simple kitchen backsplash idea is to use cork tiles. Cork tiles can be bought with a self stick backing as well. So installation is a breeze, and you can cut them with a utility knife. Cork also adds a different texture to your kitchen; so no more flat, plain walls.

Cork can also be stained to any color you can imagine. These tiles can be pre-stained or you can stain them yourself with a water based stain. The choice is yours. Plus cork is water repellent and insect resistant. Check out my cork flooring page for more info on the benefits of cork.

Ceramic Tile Is A Popular Choice.

Ceramic tile is also an option, and a simple backsplash idea. Although ceramic tile backsplashes do require specialized equipment for installation they are actually very easy to install. Using ready mixed mastic and simple glazed 4x4 inch tiles is the easiest way to go.

Instead of going all of the way to the undersides of the cabinets you can go 3 or four rows high and place a simple bull nose tile to finish of the top edge of the square tiles. Here's a little tip to add some detail, use a contrasting color for the bull nose tile to add a separation between the tile and the rest of the backsplash. Wall tiles are also very affordable, and depending on the amount of backsplash area, it can be completed in a single day or weekend.

These are just a few simple backsplash ideas I have for you. When I find some more ideas I will certainly pass them on. A backsplash does not have to be boring, and with a little time and money you can definitely change the look of your kitchen. So get out there already and do some backsplash remodeling!

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