A Tin Backsplash,
Is It Just What Your Looking For?

A tin backsplash is one of those materials that will fit into any kitchen style; whether it be contemporary or traditional it will find a place. Tin comes in many designs and patterns, as well as patterns. If tin is your kitchen design plans there is a design for you.

Tin backsplashes were used for many years as an alternative to plaster in the backsplash area. Plaster was, and is, not the best material for a backsplash. Hence the reason for tin. Tin does not corrode but does tarnish, or stain, when exposed to acids.

These panels come in a wide range of sizes. The most common is two foot by two foot but there are many other sizes available too. It all depends on the manufacturer. You can even get hand painted designs in your panels; if you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen this a great way accomplish it.

Tin is silvery/ gray in color and can be highly polished to bring out a lustrous shine. It can also be left natural with a duller finish to tone down the look and let it blend into the design more easily. Tin can also be painted and actually accepts paint very well, for a metal that is. Some companies even go as far as powder coating the tin to provide a lifetime of protection.

Tin does have some downsides though. It is easily dented, difficult to install, may need a plywood backer for some installations, and is susceptible to acid etching. These downsides are easily overcome if the proper steps are taken in the installation and selection process. By using a tin backsplash in areas that are not heavily used will minimize the denting.

I was in Lowes and noticed they had some Armstrong Metallaire panels available to special order. I gotta tell you, I was impressed with the look, they looked like real tin panels. They are real metal panels pressed into traditional patterns, I couldn't find what metal they are made from though. I suspect they are not actual tin, but nobody will be able to tell the difference.

I recommend you check them out you may be as impressed as I was, and decide to try them in your new kitchen backsplash project. I really like Armstrong products because they are made from quality materials, and will stand the test of time.

The other downfalls should be overcome by a professional installation and proper care of the tin. Using a damp cloth is usually all that is needed to clean the tin, and if a painted or powder coated panel is chosen the cleaning with be almost effortless.

Of course the extra steps of painting or powder coating will raise the price. Acids like citrus juices and vinegar will stain, or etch, the tin and once it's etched it's very difficult to remove them.

Tin has been used for many years and the popularity of this material is unmistakable. With the possibility of tin lasting for a great many years being a huge plus. The higher cost of tin at the install phase will be very well accepted when you see how truly amazing this material is.

Tin is easily formed into any shape and design so it's actually very easy to crank these out at a reasonable price for such a long lasting backsplash material.

When compared to other metals, tin is comparable in price. But tin has a distinctive look that will please everyone who sees it. In my opinion you just can't go wrong with a tin backsplash.

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