Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks

Cast iron kitchen sinks are an age old choice when it comes to sinks. Their durability is great and so is the ease of cleaning. The baked on enamel, which is actually porcelain and not paint, is very tough but does chip if something hard is dropped on it.

Once the finish is chipped, to repair it properly involves removing the sink and getting it re-enameled. A touch-up kit can be purchased if the chip is not in the bowl area. There are expoxies on the market that will allow the bowl area to be repaired. But, finding a color match for a non-white ceramic coated sink will be difficult.

farmhouse cast iron sink

    The Benefits Of Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks:

  • Durable:
    It's not uncommon to see cast iron sinks with ages over 50 years. Although at this age they are usually really beaten up and deeply scratched. On the bright side it can be refinished rather easily and is an affordable option.

  • Easy To Clean:
    Cast iron kitchen sinks are very easy to clean. By simply using a mild detergent, like dish soap, and a non-abrasive pad or cloth. To ensure no scratches are made do not use abrasive cleaners like Comet or baking soda. Once scratches are made they are impossible to remove without refinishing.

  • Many Colors Available:
    Nowadays the selection of colors are everything under the sun. If you want a color you can surely find it. Even Pink if that suits your fancy. Pink is just an example to show how wide ranging the colors can be.

  • Fits Any Kitchen Style:
    The available mounting options, styles, colors, and bowl designs are extraordinary. If you want an apron sink in the color avocado you can have it.

    Not only are the aforementioned options available but different bowl shapes as well. Such as a bowed apron, instead of a flat front the front is bowed out in a semi-circular shape which extends out from the cabinet face. Just another option to complicate your decision, just kidding, but it does open up options that you may have never thought of before.

    Some Downsides To These Sinks Are:

  • Once Stains Set, They Are Difficult To Remove:
    Stains are only a problem after a number of years. If abrasive cleaners are used the time is reduced due to the finish being worn down over time.

  • Are Very Heavy:
    Extra support may be needed to ensure the countertop does not sag, and the cabinets do not come apart under the weight. A large cast iron sink can weigh up to 80 pounds. When compared to a stainless sink that may weigh only 5 to 10 pounds, the weight difference between the two is dramatic.

  • Chips Are Difficult To Repair:
    Chips are possible at any time during the life of the sink. Most chips are made by dropping plates or heavy pans into the sink basin. The style of sink also plays a role in how likely the sink is to chip. For example, a self rimming (top mount) sink will be most likely to chip on the top part of the sink where it contacts the countertop.

A way to minimize chips is to use a sink mat to absorb the impact of plates and pans. Just be sure to remove the mats when not using the sink. Stains can form under the mat over time.

How They're Made

Cast iron is just what it says, molten iron is poured into a mold and allowed to cool before removing. It then goes to finishing where it's sandblasted to remove all the surface impurities and burrs from the molding process, as well as any extra material.

The finish is then sprayed on and then baked in an oven to melt the finish onto the iron. It is not scratch resistant but it will take years for the finish to wear down. Cleaning should not be done with abrasive cleaners as this wears away the finish. Use a mild detergent with a cloth and it will last for quite a long time.

The Options

White is the traditional color, but there are many colors to choose from and one is sure to match your style and decor.

These cast iron kitchen sinks are available in self rimming, under-mount, and apron sinks. These sinks are considerable in weight so the countertop needs to be able to support it. Farmhouse style sinks, which are perfect for the cottage style kitchen, are also a popular choice but they do need a lot of space.

Single, double, and triple bowl designs are all available for cast iron sinks. Any style shape and configuration can be found in the cast iron kitchen sinks. Expanding their reach into every kitchen. This is especially true for cast iron undermount kitchen sinks. The popularity of the undermount style has not been forgotten with this sink material.

It's easy to see why these cast iron kitchen sinks have been so popular for so long. Their durability and beauty are great selling points. In the traditional style kitchen there is no better choice.

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