Flexible Track Lighting System

A flexible track lighting system has all of the required components for a complete installation. Some kits come with only the track and you have to purchase the fixtures separately, this is good if you have a specific style fixture already chosen.

A flex track light is bendable so it becomes less of a fixture and more of a design element. You can bend most flex tracks by hand. This is great if you want to add your own design to the track. Not to mention if you have an area that needs more light you can bend part of the track to light up that area.

If you do buy your fixtures separately make sure you buy the correct fixtures to fit the track. Not all companies rails and fixtures are interchangeable. They may appear similar but may not work together if the units are from different manufacturers.

I would recommend buying a complete kit with all of the required hardware, track, and fixtures in the same box. This way there is no chance of not being able to fit all of the parts together. If they're designed together they will surely fit together.

Where To Use A Flexible Track Lighting System:

  • General Lighting
  • Replacing An Existing Light
  • Task Lighting, Like Countertops And Sink
  • Highlighting Architectural Details
  • Highlighting Artwork
  • Light Over A Kitchen Table Or Island, Pendant Fixtures Are Great For This

You can get a flexible track lighting system in both low voltage and line voltage. The lights come in LED, halogen, and fluorescent. The selection is quite large, and in some manufacturer's lines you can mix and match different head fixtures to give even more flexibility.

Installing A Flex Light System:

Installation of one of these systems is rather easy. Simply bend the track into shape, lay out where the mounting points are, drill a few holes, attach the track, and hook up the electrical connections. It's rather easy, but you should read and understand the instructions before beginning the installation, as this was an overly simplified explanation.

You may also need at least two people to install the track as it can be unwieldy and awkward. Overall, these flex track systems are easy to install and make a huge impact in the room. I like the way they add a new dimension to a kitchen, and it dresses up the ceiling area as well.

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