Plug In Track Lighting

Plug in track lighting is not a new product but it does help in those spaces where a hardwired track light simply won't fit, or more than likely isn't wired for. A plug in type light is a good alternative but it does have it's downsides.

A plug in type track light is not only for a kitchen, but also areas where you need extra light but doesn't have the wiring already in place. A huge expense with new lighting is the running of the wires inside a wall, if the walls are already in place that is. A track light that plugs into an ordinary outlet is an inexpensive solution.

These lights simply plug into a wall outlet, and most have a switch integrated into the cord. The switch is commonly a simple lamp type finger switch, and not a household type switch. The switches are usually within a few feet of the plug, and should be placed in an easily accessible area free from obstructions. If you have a switched outlet available that may also be an option for plugging the light into.

With a plug in track light the cord is a downside. If you do not want see the cord you could place a cord cover over it hide it but the cover will stick out from the wall and still be seen. Most cords are 8 to 10 feet long, keep this in mind when trying to decide.

Please, never run a cord inside a wall as it's not designed for this and may cause a fire, not to mention it's against the National Electric Code. If in doubt consult an electrician.

Plug in track lights can be a good alternative for a walk in closet if there is an outlet available. They are also good for hallways, kitchens, and just about every other room of your house.

If you have an existing track light you may be able to convert it to a plug in type. Most track lights have a modular rail where the rail is attached to the power plug.

The track power is most commonly a plug in type supply, and by changing out the hardwired power supply you can make a movable track light. This is a good idea if you wish to move the light but don't have a hardwired power supply available. Not all track lights have this capability though, but some do.

All in all, if you need extra light and a ceiling fixture is needed, this may be light for you. It has the capability of being moved when needed, and doesn't need a dedicated wire. As your lighting needs change so can your plug in track light.

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