Stainless Range Hood

A stainless range hood is usually purchased to compliment the existing appliances, and by doing this is brings the whole design together. I can't tell you how many times I have seen mismatched appliances in the same kitchen. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just looks out of place.

Range hoods made of stainless steel have the advantage of being widely available and easy to find. Surprisingly these range hoods can be very affordable, and can be found for under $100 in the ductless range hood style.

Sizes available start at 30 inches and continue up to 60 inches for the commercial units. It all depends on what size kitchen range you have or plan to buy. I personally like to keep the range hood the size of the range, or cooktop. I think it looks better and doesn't take away any storage by having to size down the upper cabinets to fit a wider hood.

Stainless Range Hood Buyers Guide:

  • Stainless range hoods should be made from no less than 19 gauge metal.

  • A stainless range hood should be made from 304 or 316 stainless steel.

  • If buying a ductless model the filter should be a carbon type filter with a stainless mesh screen for grease.

  • Keep in mind that stainless steel shows finger prints and dust, as well as grease film. A special cleaning agent made for stainless steel is recommended.

Stainless steel hoods are most commonly seen in contemporary kitchens, but can be used in transitional kitchens as well.

Using this style hood can really bring your kitchen into the modern age, by using a modern material.

Stainless steel range hoods have the advantage of being easy to clean. Cleaning is very easily done with a damp cloth for light cleaning. Fingerprints do show on stainless steel, but can be removed by buffing them out with a dry cloth. Using a wet cloth increases the possibility of water spots, so using a dry cloth to dry the metal is a good idea. Plus it helps it keep it's lustrous shine.

You can find stainless steel hoods in the ducted, ductless, wall mount, chimney, and under cabinet mount. The mounting depends on what you would like. Some people prefer the hood to be attached to the underside of a cabinet or hidden in the cabinet itself so it's out of sight. Like I wrote, it all depends on your design and tastes.

The Different Styles Of
Stainless Range Hoods

This range hood is an under cabinet mounted hood. It simply attaches to the underside of your over the range cabinet.

These are good if you wish to have a range hood that doesn't take up to much space. They also do a good job of evacuating smoke in the vented models.

An under cabinet stainless range hood often comes with two options. Ductless and vented. Just be sure to find out if both options come together, or you may have to buy your specific kit seperately.

The next style of hood is the chimney style. These hoods are great in a contemporary or transitional kitchen.

They are sleak, most are easy to clean, and easy to install.

The great thing about these is they hide the exhaust ducting. Most of these are attached to the wall, but there are some that will install over an island.

These can also be bought for a ductless or a vented application.

An over the island stainless range hood is an option. These are great because they hide the fastening system.

This particular hood has glass as well, the glass takes the place of the stainless on the bottom to give a more open feel. Well, because you can see through glass.

With glass though, the cleaning does become a little more difficult because you can see everything.

Like most of the range hoods today, these can be found in ductless and vented styles.

For those of you who wish to have a low profile under cabinet stainless steel hood should consider this range hood from Kaze.

It's only 3.5 inches high, probably half that of an ordinary under cabinet range hood.

And it comes in stainless steel to match your tastes, and appliances.

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