Curved Track Lighting

Curved track lighting adds not only light to your kitchen but also adds another detail. Detail is everything in a kitchen and the ceiling is often overlooked. These track lights vary from a slight curve to a wild S-shape.

The length of the rails determines how this light system is mounted. A simple 4 light kit may only be supported in the center at the box and the ends hang free, while a 6 light kit can have up to 4 extra mounting points. Why is this important? The more attachment points the more complicated it will be to install. Granted, no matter what style you choose it will still be rather easy to install, but may require an extra set of hands for a 6 light kit.

Curved track lights are not the same as flexible track lighting systems, as the curved style already has the angles pre-bent into the design. Some interchange the two but they are not the same. If you buy a curved lighting system and try to bend it into your preferred shape you won't be able to. The rails are quite thick and will not bend without damage to the track and the electrical contacts inside the rail itself.

Curved ceiling fixtures can be bought to replace an older style single light fixture. These are great because you won't have to change your electrical boxes, or open walls to run new wires. This is also true for most other styles as well, but there is no extra attachment needed with these.

As I mentioned earlier in this page the designs can be a wild S-shape that expands out from the ceiling box. These are a sight to behold as they wind there way across your ceiling. Not only do they look great they also give you a lot of flexibility in where you can place the fixtures themselves. If your lighting needs change so can your lights, most curved track light fixtures can be moved at any time with little fuss.

As you can see there are a lot of design possibilities with curved track lighting, but that's not all there is to know about these lights. There are also power considerations as well.

The power can be low voltage, usually 30 volts, or line voltage, 120 volts. The benefit of low voltage lighting is energy savings, and safety. The low voltage track lighting saves energy by using lower wattage bulbs in either halogen, LED, or fluorescent. It's safer because the voltage is lower, and it runs at a cooler temperature. Low voltage kits require a transformer though, which increases the cost of the kits.

Line voltage kits require no special modifications. There is no transformer, because of this the prices are generally lower. These lights can also be very energy efficient, it depends on the wattage, and type of bulbs used. Energy efficient doesn't mean you have to get a low voltage unit.

These lights can be used as accent lights to highlight architecture or a painting. They can also be used for general lighting, task lighting, as a light over the island or kitchen table, and even as a detail to dress up your ceiling.

How about pendants? Yup, you guessed it, there are track light compatible pendants too. These pendants are great as you can mix and match different colors and style in the same track, provided they are from the same product line. If you get really festive during the holidays you may be able to make your own shades, or have a professional make them. It's simple and easy to change, or move, them anytime you want.

These lights are not overly expensive and they are worth it to me for the versatility they provide. Not to mention they look great. It's not hard to see why more and more decorators and homeowners are going with track lights to not only provide light, but detail and an artistic touch to an otherwise boring area, the ceiling.

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